About us

Integrated Tactical Concepts is an advanced training team providing the most current tactical training to law enforcement, military units and international policing agencies around the world. Our team of instructors includes current operators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB). Our staff is supplemented by specialized instructors with real life experience from additional units including arson/explosives details, hazardous material teams, maritime operations and Counter Terrorism Teams.  

Our training staff is consistently involved in approximately 250 tactical deployments per year. Because we are leveraging one of very few full time SWAT teams in the most active area in the nation, your team is guaranteed access to up-to-date equipment and information. Our courses leverage proven tactics and at the same time are designed to spark creative thinking in critical situations. We do not dictate fixed tactics but encourage flexible thinking with officer and civilian safety as the highest priority.

Integrated Tactical Concepts recognizes that not all tactical teams are the same. We work with each team to customize training that best fits their needs, always considering areas of deployment and demand on personnel. Our goal is to keep costs down and optimize training by focusing on your teams’ specific priorities. When clients require the best training by the best instructors with real life experience, they contact Integrated Tactical Concepts.

A Note From The Owners:

George and Rich have a combined thirty years of tactical training.  They have traveled around the world to train with tactical teams from big cities to the smallest of rural towns. One thing we have found is that we as SWAT operators are all very much alike. We constantly seek the best and most informative critical incident training to increase our knowledge and keep the public and ourselves safe. Although we are lucky enough to have worked for one of the busiest and most advanced tactical teams in the world, we understand that not all teams are exposed to the same amount of activity. Equipment, personnel and real time experience varies throughout our profession. At ITC, we will always keep this in mind, providing training on methods that have proven successful for us. Our Instructors teach "a way" not "the way".  We believe that any instructor that isn’t promoting flexibility should be second guessed. We look forward to learning and sharing new tactics from our students on every training course. Our goal is to keep our training simple and professional. We demand each of our students to be a thinker and remain flexible at all times. SWAT tactics require both to be successful. 

We strongly believe ITC students walk away with an open mind and a vault of powerful knowledge. Our Instructors are always open for discussion on any tactical situation and hope to provide answers based on our training and experience. 
.....and on that day, only you will know your true commitment to training.

George Creamer and Rich Diliberti