April 10, 2015 

We at Integrated Tactical Concepts appreciate your business and take great pride in offering you the best tactical training available, instructed by the most experienced instructors in the industry. The satisfaction and safety of our clients is our number one priority.

Recently, person(s) outside of Law Enforcement have been inquiring about our training courses, dates and locations. Some of these people have actually showed up unannounced at a training site. Persons falsifying their identity and attempting to gain access to course information have contacted host agencies.

ITC verifies all attendees of our courses as law enforcement or military. However, we at ITC will not jeopardize the safety of any of our clients or their departments. Therefor, we have elected to remove our calendar section from our website that provides training information. If you as an individual or a department would like information on any of our training courses or on hosting a course, we kindly ask you to reach out to George via email or cell.

We hope this in not an inconvenience to any of our past, current or future clients but as I stated, our clients safety is our top priority.

Thank you,

George Creamer
Integrated Tactical Concepts, LLC

….and on that day, only you will know your true commitment to training.